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Interactive Graphics: Visualisation of true origins and destinations of open proxy traffic using WebGL Globe. Globe can be rotated through mouse controls, zooming via arrow keys. Chart displays condensed visualisation of the true origins of 141,000 connections routed through 482 open proxies. Results can be filtered by top origin countries or top target countries. Data generated by polling misconfigured proxy servers that leak connection status information. NB: The region-specific Top Proxy Routes information was compiled from a larger overlapping dataset.

Detection Research

Research was carried out in the spring of 2016 to refresh the current state of knowledge of open proxies. What's required to catch proxies nowadays? Why are proxies harder to detect? Which weekdays are the worst for detecting proxies?

Daily Charts

Daily charts visualising the changing trends of the open proxy landscape. Which netblocks are the riskiest? Which countries have the most open proxies? Can you spot signs of botnets enabling and disabling open proxy ports?

Blacklists Tested

Open proxies tested and retested daily against dozens of blacklists of diverse scope. Which blacklists have the best coverage? Which ones don't seem to carry much data? Could your favourite blacklist benefit from improved open proxy detection?

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